Monday, January 9, 2012


Simple acts of kindness are never forgotten......a beautiful young woman that I work with brought me a gift today.  It was handmade and made with so much love, it made me cry.  I had mentioned  my health issues and how I much I was dreading the shots and treatments, she had laughed and said you need a teddy bear!  Well, she made me the most beautiful stuffed owl, with hope and health embroidered under her wings.  She is pink and blue with big round eyes, I have named her  Izzy.  I can't begin to tell you how deeply I was touched by this act of kindness.  When she gave it to me, I felt as though the universe hugged me.

Simple acts of kindness change our lives.  We tend to think the big things are the ones that matter most.....but I promise you, those little simple things.....they are our life lines.  A pot of soup, a call, a hug,
a note, a card, a hand made gift.......those brighten our days,and lift our spirits and continue to do so for a long time after.

My mother was a card sender,   she always sent cards.......get well, sympathy, birthday, thinking of you, congratulations, ............she believed in the power of a card.  Her pay-off, when she was sick and dying, for almost two years, cards came in,  it was amazing when she passed, all the cards that had been sent to her those two years.

A few years a go, one of my very best friends had breast cancer.  I called her one day and she was crying.......all her tops were pull-overs......she had nothing to wear. ( after surgery,she could not lift her arms) All I could think about after we hung up, was helping her feel better.  I got on line, and had a cobalt blue velvet shirt sent to her.  It was soft, the color of her eyes, and it buttoned down the was not much in the scheme of things
(not when you are fighting for your life) but it was all  I could do at the time.  A year or so after her recovery, she sent me the most touching card, talking about how much she appreciated that shirt.

So tonight, Izzy sits watching me post......Blackie Bear is wary of her......but I have assured him,
there is no competition.......Izzy will be his companion too.  The three of us will share many hugs and probably some tears.  I have a little stuffed tiger, I have had him since I was two or three years old, he is worn and frayed,  I have loved him my whole life.  Izzy and Tiger are comforters,along  with Blackie Bear, we can make it through anything.


  1. Wonderful post today Jilda, and I am sat here with tears in my eyes. You are SO right - it IS the little things that can just mean so much. I shall now go and get a tissue!!

  2. I will never forget a woman at church who gave me some crafts for my daughters who were away visiting their father. I missed them so much and to know she was thinking of them made me feel so good.

    My husband has carcinoid syndrome and must have a shot every 21 days to shrink the tumors. It is a painful shot that makes him sicker for a few days, but it has kept him alive. I know you can do this and still be the positive, warm, loving person you are. I'll be praying for you as you go through this treatment.

  3. Facing health issues can be so daunting. I can picture your gift and I know how you felt to be gifted such a treasure. Hold fast to it. Keep positive thoughts, and never give in.

  4. What a lovely friend, and you're right. It's the simplest gestures that bring us the most joy.