Thursday, March 24, 2011

Yellow My World

It has become a sticky yellow world in Empire, Al. this week. Spring pollen has swept across the area and left behind a yellow haze on everything. Ingrid( my car) and the tin roof on our house are both dark green, well they were.......everything looks as though a crazed, bad Impressionist painter with a fondness for yellow played a joke on the world.

I looked out the kitchen window this afternoon thinking I saw smoke in the was just the pollen blowing in the wind. Everywhere you go, people are sneezing and coughing. Time for a rain dance! When there is this much pollen, do bees get high? Do they reach pollen euphoria, and then have withdrawals once it's gone?????? I know, I have worked at a rehab center way too long.

I sat on our deck this afternoon to feel the warm sun on my face, when I stood up, the front of my jeans was blue, the seat.......yep, you guessed it.......YELLOW. Sad to say, yellow has never really been one of my favorite colors, I think because I associate it with pollen, this coming from a woman who has had sinus issues since I was a child. But, a few years ago, I got a nettie pot....
my world changed! Now, for those of you who do not know what a nettie pot is......... very small looks like a tea pot, fill it with filtered water mixed with sea salt, then basically you pour it in one of your nostrils. What can I say, it gets the gunk out! Takes some getting use to,but for those who suffer with sinus problems it will change your world. Get thee a nettie pot and use it!

I know that some of you are still getting snow, we have frost warnings tonight......does that mean the frost will be yellow in the morning? Sorry, it is pretty obvious that pollen has hit my brain
and now I am beginning to see the world in shades of yellow! So, if I got rose colored glasses, my world would be orange????

It is truly time to say Thanks (one more time) for all the amazing birthday wishes. (I got more today, plus tonight my yoga students had a B'day cake for me) Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, for your thoughts and wishes, it really has been my best birthday ever. And thanks to my new followers, I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and visit.
Good night, Sweet dreams.


  1. Since I was away, Happy Birthday! I've never seen that much pollen. I'm glad I don't live there, my eyes would be swollen shut!

  2. Happy Birthday! I like Belle have never seen that much pollen and I'm not sure I would ever want to. I have serious allergies all year round and couldn't imagine what it'd be like to live there, mostly cause I don't want to. Enjoy your yellow world, at least it's bright :D

  3. I also have bad allergies, so wouldn't appreciate all that pollen! I liked the idea of the nettie pot! Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  4. Hi Jilda,
    The Netti pot is my best friend! My son told me about it and I told my daughter about it, and well now my whole family is hooked on it! It does provide so much relief!
    I know what you mean about the pollen. My car hasn't turned yellow yet but it will!
    Love Di ♥

  5. Good Morning my new friend. It is the time of year when many people will be suffering. NC has not quite gotten to the yellow cloud stage but our pines will be talking to us soon. I have been to your state once when my wife & I left mobile for Mexico on a cruise. That was a 12 hour drive that I will not make again. Too long behind the wheel. It was 44 when I got up this morning and I hope it won't get any colder. Have a great weekend and I will catch you later.

  6. Jilda, it is so bad here in Myrtle Beach as well. I do not suffer from allergies and my eyes and nose are watering a lot. I can't even imagine what you go through. So glad you had such a special birthday. You deserved it! Hugs my friend!

  7. Happy b'day again. Yellow yes and I'm loving the frost we had last night. I could actually open my eyes this morning with no hot water help :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  8. Our yellow explosion has just begun. We have sliding glass doors overlooking the lake, all of which were open for the last few days....oops. Think today will be cleaning time, though once the doors are wide open again it will happen all over again! Why do they call it spring cleaning? Think once it is hot enough to have the AC on all the time will be the time to really do a thorough cleaning.
    Happy Spring!

  9. You are high on pollen and I can't believe you call your car Ingrid.

  10. Wow, we don't have pollen that bad..of course it's still trying to snow around these parts! I thought of you yesterday because my hubby and I did a yoga tape together..pretty funny! I'm so not flexible, but it felt good and now we're thinking of making it a regular thing. If someone said my hubby would do yoga one day, I would have thought they were smoking something funny!