Saturday, March 5, 2011


I have been in a yoga teacher training all day.......eight am this morning until six tonight, drove home in the pouring rain. So glad my partner in crime Jackie went with me today.....the two of us do tend to cause a ruckus in these trainings. We both have very distinct teaching styles and we are not bashful about sharing our knowledge. This was one of two retrains we have to do for our

It was nice to be a student......I got to experience savasana! My yoga students love my savasanas,
(deep relaxations) but I don't get to experience them, today I got to relax! In 2004 I did my first teacher certification, it has been a wonderful journey......I love teaching and sharing the yoga experience. I have studied many types of yoga, with incredible teachers. I have met students who changed my life......all I want as a teacher, is to make a difference in someone's life. I believe I have.

Tomorrow will be another long day, if you have any extra love and energy to spare......send me a little. Not only do I wish that I could sing to all of you, I wish I could be your yoga teacher too.
So for now, I share my thoughts, and wish you all.......good night, sweet dreams.


  1. Sending you many many sunrays from a Germany under the spring sign, alonsgide with mana many smiles to give you good spirit :) Enjoy the days I am sure you will learn lots!

  2. Always send my blog family positive energy and hugs~~

  3. I've attended a couple of yoga classes, and the relaxation was the best part! I fell asleep once..I wasn't invited back again! HaHaHa! Oh well, I bet you're a much better instructor, I'm just not flexible at all. I suppose it would help me get flexible if I attended a class for a long time. Sending good vibes your way Jilda!

  4. thanks ya'll! would love to be your yoga teacher! we would have so much fun!