Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Musings

The dogwoods bloomed this weekend, everywhere I look there are large fluffy clouds of dogwood blossoms. The "magic tree" a dogwood that sits at the end of our driveway, is almost as large as our house. These blooms came from the "magic tree".

From now until fall, there will be fresh flowers in our house....all grown on our property. The peonies are budding, so is the rhododendron and azaleas. The iris and lilies are tall slender shoots of green. Wild fern and purple violets are peeking through the brown leaves of fall. All of the fruit trees have bloomed, the berries will be next.

This awakening, this springing forth of's pretty amazing stuff. Our springs are filled with great beauty and often much turbulence. Tornadoes ripped through our county last night, we drove home from a friend's house through downed power lines and trees. Tonight it is in the forties, but in a couple of days our forecast is another stormy one.

The checkered table cloth belonged to my grandmother Mamie, the blue clay bowl was created by a nephew, the pitcher was a gift from a friend and the green salt/pepper shakers were my mom's. Many memories in that small photo tonight. Simple every day things, yet to me there is great beauty and joy in that photograph.

Our friend Wes, spent the afternoon with us......just a really nice easy visit on a rainy Sunday.
We picked and grinned, laughed and talked, and solved most of the world's problems in a few short hours......if only we could get the rest of the world to listen. Ha ha! Isn't it great to spend time with friends?!

A cup of hot lemon ginger tea awaits me tonight........just the tonic when a cold rain falls.
Good night, Sweet dreams.
About the magic tree, I wrote a blog about it last spring, if you wish to go back and read it.


  1. Nothing better than when spring is springing. Makes the rain a little easier to take!

  2. I understand they did a study ["studies" are suspect at best, but I liked this one] that said that having fresh flowers in your house brings you calmer feelings and happiness throughout the day.

    I am blessed because I have my Grandma's tin pitcher sitting on my table - the one I made a bajillion gallons of ice tea in growing up] with flowers in it right now. I smile as I look over.

    Blessed because they make me happy, I grin thinking of my Grandma and all those gallons of tea - and because my hubs thinks enough of me to bring me the pretty from the outside inside each week.

    I like that study - and I believe it.

    I raise my [new] tea cup to you [got it yesterday, yay!] with a bit of Tazo.

    Sleep well my friend. I hope that everyone is okay in your part of the world and that the damage was minimal.

  3. Such a cozy feel to that photo! What a wonderful description of Spring... I can almost smell the blooms from here. Tornado season will soon be starting up in this area. Glad you and yours are safe.

  4. Simply stunning table setting !! It's so pretty and to know each piece means something to you makes it even more special!! Glad to know you are able to enjoy the spring with your beautiful dogwoods after reading your hubby's post about the tornado warnings...we had them here too. Hope that means our dogwoods will bloom soon!!!

  5. Beautiful column, beautiful picture. Happy spring!

  6. Jilda...Isn't it beautiful down here in the south! Even though tonite is going into the low 30's and the high today is 45, it's been beautiful watching all the color blossom. I love spring most of all. It's a bad week to move weather wise, but I hope it brightens up soon so I can enjoy all the sunlight around the cottage and see what's growing there.

  7. Blooms are everywhere here in NC but this morning when I got up it was (29 degrees). And we were on such a roll. I know it's temporary but I am so ready for short sleve weather. Have a great week.

  8. We must be behind the rest of the world, things are ready to bloom but not quite there yet. AH, the simple things and memories to boot. Don't get much better :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  9. So lucky to have so much choice in your garden. And great creativity from your side, the picture looks great! Brilliant composition.

  10. Your garden sounds absolutely delightful with all those lovely flowers! I love having flowers in the house, and that little tabletop photo is delightful.

  11. Your pic is beautiful! Your story is too, only now I'm was 17de. this morning..however I know it will warm up and we will have blooms everywhere. I love dogwood trees, we have 3 that are just the best! When they bloom I'll post pics too! Can't wait!

  12. Beautiful!! I think I need to take my pruners out and bring a few branches of dogwood into the house.