Tuesday, March 15, 2011

An Ordinary Day #2

I did the grocery shopping today.......after all Thursday is St Patrick's Day, bought the cabbage and the brisket, the potatoes, and the currants for the soda bread. St. Patrick's Day at our house, is a big deal....... I wear green, I have a lovely pot of shamrocks, we listen to Irish music, watch an Irish movie, maybe read an Irish book or two, and look at all the photographs we took in Ireland.

I keep hoping that Rick will surprise me with a trip to Ireland this year, we'll see. It would be so good to see our friends, play the pubs, and stand on the rocky coast and breathe that cold damp air. Through the years, I have known several friends and relatives who have visited the Emerald Isle, some loved it as much as me, others scoffed and couldn't believe they had spent their travel dollars there. Our trip was magical, but then, I expected it to be.

It has been a nice ordinary day, full of ordinary things.......grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning house. By the end of the week, the weather guys say sunshine and 80 degrees. Almost everything is blooming now, and I am so ready to plant our garden. In case you didn't know, we have had around eight inches of rain here in Empire in the past week or so, the ground is soggy.
So, we have to let the soil dry and then we can get the tractor out of the barn and plow.
There is something about getting dirt on your hands, planting a tiny seed, and then in a few weeks there is food on the table.

My sister has a goat farm, and she has birthed goats for the past few days. She has a nanny that had four babies! This weekend I am going down to take pictures, little goats are so sweet!
Because of the rain, all our building projects have been on hold, but the carpenter is coming back Thursday! Three different construction projects is rather un-nerving, but since Rick is retired he tends to jump in head first!

I saw violets for the first time today, they are my favorite spring flower, with lilacs running a close second. It's that purple fetish I have. I actually saw a patch of violets by a creek on the way home today, but after almost being ran over when I took the "world on fire" photo, I had second thoughts about the violets.......maybe tomorrow.

An ordinary day......it was a very good day.


  1. I can remember being a teenager and doing a project about Ireland and wishing I could go there someday. I've not made it yet, but I'm sure I would love it. I have the cabbage, the corned beef and I'd love to make soda bread..all I need to do is remember I'm Greek..but heck, can't I be Irish one day a year? I'll even wear green!

  2. Oh I love goats. My husbands nephew had a couple when he was a little kid and they were so soft and loveable. Can't wait to see pictures. Ordinary days are great days when you are experience the rebirth of Mother Nature!!

  3. Ordinary sounds wonderful. I so want a goat, love their cheese. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  4. Ordinary days are wonderful, aren't they? :)