Sunday, March 6, 2011


I co-wrote a song called Life 101.......part of the chorus: every day is a school day, no matter how old you are, some times the test comes before the lesson, welcome to life 101
So, I have been in yoga eight hours was all review, but it served as a gentle reminder
you can always learn more......even the basics. Yes, I do have some sore muscles and a few aches, but I am reminded of how much I love yoga and how much I love to teach......and how much yoga has changed my life.

Because of yoga, I have helped others change their lives......I have met incredible people, and had extremely spiritual moments. Because of yoga, I learned how dangerous and life threatening anger can be, and how much joy a simple practice can bring to your life.
Because of yoga, I have learned that a chronic disease doesn't have to take over your life, and that joy and peace can be had in the darkest of times. Because of yoga, I have friends all over the country, and there is a bond that cannot be broken. Because of yoga, I can go inward without fear and can face myself without judgement. Because of yoga, I can see life without competition and love others who appear to be unloveable. Because of yoga, I can find stillness when all around there are storms raging.

I know that yoga is not for everyone.......not everyone is ready for yoga. But for me, it took all the parts and created a sum that was so much better. So, as I am sinking into my chair tonight, and Blackie Bear is looking at me, as if to say.......time for bed yoga lady! I wish you all peace,
I wish you all love, I wish you a path to follow that will bring you joy.


  1. Now I'm wishing I was a student of yours! I'm going to try really hard to get back into shape this spring and summer and perhaps I will give yoga another try..I'm sort of a drop out! Thanks for the encouragement! I'll keep you posted.

  2. Yaya, every teacher is different, find one that is a fit for you!

  3. I wish you the same Jilda!

  4. Something that brings joy to one like yoga does to you I hope is contagious :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow