Monday, March 14, 2011

Thank You

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you who left comments on my post last night.
In a few days I am going to send the blog with the comments to our friend.....your kindness and wisdom are overwhelming......I have tears in my eyes tonight as I read your words.
I came kicking and screaming into the electronic age/world. I still struggle with all that Rick tries to teach me about the computer world. But.......(I am eating crow) writing this blog has changed my life, and taught me the value of the PC. Without this blog, I would never have "met" any of you, and honestly, my blog friendships have become quite precious to me.

You have laughed with me, and now cried with me. This blog has allowed old friends to find me, and new ones to come along for the ride. I have read your stories, and laughed and cried with you.
Maybe this blog world will help our other world.......we share our thoughts, our differences, and our similarities.......though we may be miles/worlds apart......I think we all want the same have a roof over our heads, food to eat, shelter from the storm, to feel safe and to be loved, to have someone listen, to feel needed and appreciated, to be healthy, and our families
and friends to love us.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, your posts were incredible.....caring, sensitive and filled with love.


  1. Blogging has given me multiple electronic penpals. Some of these new friends I have met in person, others, not yet.
    You are correct-- across the world we are more alike than different. Glad you ventured into this world of new friends.
    Your friend will appreciate all the comments.

  2. I missed your post last night. I am so sorry to hear your friend lost her son. There is nothing worse for a family than this. I have lost four young cousins and a younger brother. It does feel more painful when someone young dies. You can hardly believe it has happened. I pray God will comfort her.

  3. Jilda...You're more than welcome for the comments but know that what you write is what makes me feel a little better in the difficult times that we are having here in our little world. This blog has definitely been a godsend and meeting and befriending you and Rick has been one as well. It works both ways. Hugs to you and to your friends. Time does help heal but you never forget.

  4. So very true Jilda, we are in the end all very similar, our needs are shelter, food, love, family, friends ... Thank you for opening your heart, I personally appreciate your wisdom and approach to life. Tomorrow will be another day, but don't forget: live today :)