Friday, March 4, 2011

Open Heart

I had a couple of difficult days this week.....and I struggled with keeping my energy from dropping.
I almost let myself get depressed. But, I hung in there and I continued to practice what I read in
"Excuse M, Your Life Is Waiting" wasn't easy to "feel good", actually, it was much easier to allow myself to "feel bad". Finally, I sat down, closed my eyes and begin to see myself as pure loving light......just a glowing column of the most beautiful light I could imagine, pure love.

It worked, slowly the funk began to lift.....the resentment and anger and hurt that I had allowed myself to wallow in.....was totally overshadowed by the image of pure loving light. That experience reminded me of the Sanskrit word, Anahata which means is the name given to the heart chakra, a swirling vortex of life force energy in the heart.

When the heart chakra opens, unconditional love pours forth and you have that sense of being unstruck, you know, that sensation of love.....even though the memories are still there the bad feelings leave. The love just flows through you, the heart opens.

That image of pure loving light has stayed with me this week.......I have felt a sort of healing flow through my body and spirit. It has not been the energy high of last week, but rather a peace, like a warm blanket has wrapped itself around me.

This concept of changing your feelings is not easy, to concentrate on letting go of negative feelings, to really concentrate on the good, takes quite a bit of thought. I think most of the time,
I have just flat lined, you know, not really bad, but not really good either. When I saw that glowing column of shimmering silvery pure love, I felt it in every pore in my body. It was as though my actual physical body changed.

I teach a chakra class in yoga, and the heart is one of my favorites.......this week I truly felt that subtle energy shift as my heart energy came into balance. It feels good......this open heart.


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  2. I might have to find a local class. My words hide a lot of unwritten feelings but I love the idea of an open heart :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow