Wednesday, March 2, 2011

World On Fire

It was truly one of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen today.....I stopped on the side of the road twice(almost got my fool self hit) but I was mesmerized by the fire in the sky.
I have seen sunsets at the beach and in the mountains, but this one took my breath away. I kept thinking "I wish I was in Sedona, I bet those red rocks were flaming".

There were shades of vermilion, deep coral, rosy red and brilliant golds. I shot the picture with my phone, so I couldn't get the rest of the sky.......but above the lavender grey, there was another incredible streak of coral.
It really looked as though the world was on fire.

I needed that beauty has been a tough week at work.......well not tough, but a little harder than usual.
Normally our most beautiful sunsets occur in the fall and mid
winter, not this late in the season. But, mother nature got out her paintbox and did herself proud today. The color was so intense, it looked like a photograph that had been enhanced. Even now, after the stars have come out, I am still awestruck by the colors that were splashed across the sky this evening.

This evening was a gift, there were others around me, who sped by(or almost ran me down) and I am sure they thought I was crazy to be on the side of the road shooting pictures with my phone. But that kind of could I pass it by? Honestly, I felt as though I witnessed a miracle, that somehow seeing such beauty was my special blessing today. As I stood and looked at the color spread across the sky, there was no past, no future.......only the now and I was in it!

I hope where ever you are tonight, that sometime in the near future, you too, see a sunset as beautiful as the one I witnessed sure to take a picture!


  1. It really does look like a fire in the sky, wow! I'm glad you were safe, btw :)

    I've taken pics of clouds through the windshield with my phone. Crazy!

    I'm glad you were comforted by the beauty you found. Rainy days usually do it for me...

  2. Beautiful picture.

    We had bright sun today and the sunset reminded me of summer. I'll be glad when it is warm again.

  3. Reminded me of a sunrise in Estonia on the road from Tallin to Narva, I hope I'll find the pics and I could do a post with them for you to see what I meant :)

  4. Thank you for reading my blog.
    A lot of good and successful people were in beauty pageants for eg. Diane Sawyer, Clories Leechman and I am sure there are many more and they must have something great in them. Don't mind me. I have tendency of going to the root cause of social issues. Beauty pageants( not the kiddie ones) could prove to be fun and a way for learning talents and proving one's intelligence too.
    I like the way you wrote about nature on this blog. thank you for sharing.

  5. The picture is beautiful! My sunrise was similar this morning. I would love to have stopped and clicked a pic, but I know I would have been run over! Besides, I'm always rushing to get to work on time!