Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spring Ramblings

Ok, I promise.....last post about playing this weekend. Just wanted to share a photo with you. Our friend, Wes took the picture at Just Folks Coffee House in Elba, Al. Friday night. Can you tell we were having fun?
Such a cool coffee house, reminded me of The Bitter End........well at least photos that I had seen.
So, it is kinda of a letdown, well that is not exactly the right word.......let's say the juices have slowed a bit and I am now back in the real world.

Spring has truly come early to Alabama.....daffodils, forsythia, quince, and camellias are blooming all over the place... fruit trees are starting to bud......you can see tiny shades of greens on many of the trees on our property.......it won't be long. And yes, there will be a birthday coming to visit me this month also. I am a spring baby, but lord knows I love the fall and winter!

I am meeting several friends this week for lunch.......I love that! Nothing like a group of my wild and wacky friends taking over a place of business. This weekend, I do a retrain for yoga certification, Level 1 here I come! and yes I am taking one of my wild and wacky friends with me. Bootcamp yoga will never be the same!

My friend Deidra, in the photo with the daffodils......we stayed with she and her husband Wes this weekend. I wanted to post the photo to show off the beautiful spring flowers, but also
let you all see the lovely Deidra.

Thanks for letting me ramble tonight. Just could not get my thoughts together.
If spring has not sprung in your neighborhood, I hope it does soon.


  1. You ramble all you want about playing and wild, wacky friends. Those are the smiles of the day, relish them :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
    PS Thanks for the lovely comment on my Mom's birthday post.

  2. I did not realize that there is something called "Boot Camp " Yoga. I think Old Man Winter is no body's favourite here in New York. "NY Fall" will always be my favourite season to look outdoors.

  3. Beautiful flowers, and beautiful faces! I'm envying the spring that has come to you and I know we'll get ours soon...I hope!

  4. Thank you for reading my blog. It means a lot to me.
    I may go on and on sometimes but I think in the long run I mean good just like a lot of us.
    Yoga is definately good, but so is venting.