Friday, March 25, 2011

Meditation, Practice

Meditation........seems simple, sit quietly, breathe........peace. I taught a meditation class was really interesting to hear the comments when I questioned my students about their experience. Some accused me of hypnosis, others said they couldn't stand to be still for five minutes, others said the more they tried to let go of their thoughts, the more thoughts they had. A couple said they itched, one got a cramp, it went on and on.....there were moments it seemed for a few that stillness was possible, and that is good.

Why is it so hard for us to experience stillness? to do nothing but sit and breathe. I admit, often meditation is difficult for me, there is a dancing, drunk monkey being stung by a scorpion in my head too. ( I heard that phrase in a teacher training years ago, I love it) There are times when I have meditated and true bliss was achieved.......then there were those times when something like
a song or phrase, for instance.....plop,plop, fizz,fizz became embedded in my brain and there was no escape.

But those moments, when awareness is truly on the breath, and the sticky thoughts are released, those moments are worth all the times when some silly commercial or some worrisome thought moves in for the duration.

For some meditation requires visual help, guidance if you will, for others, soft music and a mantra works, and then there are exquisite moments, when you sit in the early morning light,
listen to the birds, breathe slowly, and you are transported.......all worries, fears, it all fades into
oblivion......and the rest of the day is like sailing on a sea of glass.

My very most favorite meditation......Dr.Wayne Dyer has a small book on meditation "Getting in the Gap". The book comes with a cd, and for me every time I do this meditation, I am transported. I can do it at night, and I sleep like a baby. If my day is stressful or I am just having difficulty staying centered, I pop the cd in, and twenty minutes is different.
"Getting in the Gap" you focus on the "gap" between your thoughts. That void or space, is where I have found bliss in ways that are unexplainable. In the book, Dr. Dyer talks about using the gap to help you manifest what you want in life.......I have used it for that also, and I can tell you it works.

So, if you have never tried meditation, or maybe you did and you gave up........first, it is like yoga....
it is a practice. Go to the library, there are books and cds a plenty, look on line, lots to choose from. If the first one doesn't seem to work, then try something different. For some, just gazing at a candle flame and breathing works, for others sitting comfortably and bringing all awareness to the breath, and sometimes it takes detailed guidance, music, candles, and lots of practice......
but I can assure you, the practice will change your day, it will change your life.

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  1. New Age music helps me to meditate extremely well. But it has to be music only. No lyrics allowed. My absolute favorite is 2002, Across and Ocean of Dreams. I used this when I gave facials in my day spa in CT and it would put people into that transelike state. I envision the after life to be peaceful like that.

  2. Visualizations help me a lot, I always get so relaxed!

  3. I don't know exactly what meditation is but I get the same feeling everyone talks about when they meditate, just sitting and listening to music or reading a book. I love it! I like to call it taking out the trash. Basically everything unwanted that is running rampant in my head. I actually learned this from a movie I saw years ago that is still my favorite movie of all time. It's called Peaceful Warrior. Check it out, it's really good. Thanks for the reminder of peaceful meditation :D

  4. Peaceful Warrior is on my list of books and movies that I recommend to my students.
    Love that movie, and book! It really is taking out the trash. So glad that ya'll are practicing.

  5. Life has conditioned us to expect one distraction after another and the pace gets faster every day until a still moment is not something we associate with. I wish I could get back to quiet, still times of meditation.

  6. Years ago yoga was part of my morning routine every day. About five years ago I was doing a morning yoga relaxation routine each morning. I have been trying to find a tape that would work for me now that I am retired and older. The closest I get to meditation is deep breathing exercises while sitting in quiet time.

  7. ok, ya'll, go to
    I have three different meditations/relaxations
    that I recorded that ya'll can download for free.
    Help yourselves!

  8. I've never tried yoga or meditation. I wouldn't have any trouble staying still for periods of time but switichng off my thoughts might be trickier. Not that I'm saying I've got an overactive brain.