Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mixed Events

Tonight I am tapping keys, I have started at least three different blogs, so here I am being up front and very honest with ya'll. I am in a strange place, it has been an eventful day........on the way to work today, I came upon a horrible car accident, I was the second person there, the vehicle was in several pieces and when I offered the other person who was the victim assistance, he shook his head........the victim was not moving. I drove around the scattered debris in the road, said a prayer and went on to work. There was only the one vehicle, not sure what happened.

But then, I have also received three of the most incredible compliments today......the kind that makes you blush and stammer, and think that is not possible, they can't be talking about me.

I got good news about Ingrid, she is not as bad as feared, I won't have to take on a third job to pay for her repairs. Maybe I can get another 50,000 miles from her.

But at work, one of my fellow employees got upset with me, so not sure where that will lead. Let's just say, I don't back down when it comes to what's best for my students.......they come first, they get the best I can possibly offer.

Lastly, I am still having difficulty breathing. It doesn't do any good, but sometimes I get angry with my body and its shortcomings......then I have to remind myself it could be much worse.
I could have been the one on the side of the road today, not moving.

I will meditate in a few minutes and try to ground myself. Somedays when the energy is this scattered, it takes some extra work, and a good night's sleep. I am grateful for this day,
all things good and bad, lessons to be learned, moments to be cherished.


  1. Just lovely - and I am sure you were incredibly deserving of those compliments.

    Please have your breathing checked. I know it is scary, but I deal with something similar everyday [CHF] and it may be a sign of something else with you - You could really be "the person on the side of the road" [metaphorically] I am not implying it is something severe, but anything to help you breath better is a gift.

    Hugs to you Jilda.

  2. Sounds like a pretty hard day, except for the compliments. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Days like this are never great to have. Sorry to hear about the accident...I hope the person was ok. And I hope you get it all checked need to breath!
    hugs....and wishing you a better day tomorrow!

  4. What a day. It is when days like this that come along, that the Lord sends some kindness (compliments) to keep it all from overwhelming us.

  5. WOW Jilda you had a lot on your plate today for sure. Hope you got a good nights rest and today will be brighter for you.