Saturday, March 19, 2011

Book of Dreams

"Dreams are illustrations....from the book your soul is writing about you" - Marsha Norman
The book my soul is writing about me must be huge!!!! I dream nightly, and it seems most of the night. Jung believed that participants in our dreams are aspects of ourselves. I must have at least twenty-five personalities.

Last night, I truly think my body was sending me a very deliberate message.......every dream I can remember dealt with illness and being in a hospital room. Because of a chronic disease that I deal with, I am on maintenance meds......occasionally I decide that I am doing so well, I don't have to take them anymore. I had not taken my monthly round for the past couple of months, in the past week I could tell they were needed......I started them today. I know, not smart!!!!

I love to dream, and dreams have been extremely prophetic in my life. They have been comforting and terrifying. Sometimes my dreams are an escape, and at times they seem to be an extension of the real world without the consequences. I have dreamed songs, paintings,
and stories. Many times my dreams are more real than some of my daily activities.

Often when I have problems or searching for answers, the solutions find me in my dreams.
One of the most wonderful dreams I ever friend John said goodbye to me in a dream.......he was dying with cancer, in 1993 in March, we had a blizzard and he was in the night I dreamed he came to me on a white horse, he was happy and healthy and he told me to get on the horse, he was taking me for the ride of my life........I climbed on the horse, held on to John and we rode through a starry sky, it was happiness beyond belief, the whole time John was laughing as we rode through the night sky......I found out the next day, John had died that night.

So dreams for me, somehow connect me to the places and people that are sometimes unreachable. Last night's dreams I think were truly a wake-up call, and I listened.
Tonight, I am ready for the next chapter.......I love that thought, that my soul is writing a book about will be a good book, exciting, sad, happy,good and bad, just like my life.

Good night, Sweet dreams. By the way, the photo is the full moon in blue sky before twilight.


  1. My dreams have told me a lot about myself. I am even thankful now for the nightmares as I was just trying to resolve some issues that are now resolved.

  2. My daughter who lives in Miami said the huge (biggest in 18 years) full-moon we are having tonight is playing havoc with the Atlantic tides...making them super low. Dreams ebb and flow and fill in the blanks of our consciousness. Like you I dream often, vividly and remember almost everything. I love this connection to another plane.

  3. What you just said ties in with that comment from the prior post about taking it easy or your body will tell you too! Good you're back on your meds. There's a reason! I've had visits from my husband and my Grandma in my dreams. These left me feeling so good and so happy. Just like your visit from your friend who died. We could talk about this for hours!!

  4. I believe that we should listen to our bodies with much more intensity. Just take it slow and for sure do take the medicines! Can't wait to hear about your shopping adventure