Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Ingrid is not doing so well.......for those of you who don't know by now, Ingrid is my car. She is a 1996 volvo with 244,000 miles, what can I say, if it is possible to love a car, I love Ingrid.
Don't laugh, because we live out in the country, I spend a lot of time in Ingrid......it's twelve miles to the nearest bank or store. My friend Jackie and I have driven Ingrid to every yoga teacher training we have ever attended. Ingrid takes me to work, shopping, to music gigs.

Ingrid is like an old friend, she doesn't care if you sing really loud when your favorite song is playing or if you cry or swear......she has never left me stranded(and other vehicles have). Rick has been gently telling me for the past few months I need to think about another car. (I can't cheat on Ingrid) Today as we drove her to our trusted car doc, once again Rick began to talk about replacing her........I think I can spend few more months with her, at least I hope I can.

But sadly, I am beginning to think her time with me may be limited. For me, she is the perfect fit. She is big enough to carry all my yoga mats. She can carry two guitars, bags and all the other stuff that needs to go to a gig. She handles like a dream, she loves to climb hills and takes a curve like no other car I have ever driven. She's fast enough, and beautiful........deep forest green with British tan leather and a stereo system that rocks. She is like me, she loves the fall and winter, and gets kinda of sluggish when it is hot and humid.

I wrote about attachments last night......when the day comes( and I know it will) and I have to let Ingrid go......that will be a major letting go. She has been my therapist and friend, and sometimes truly a shelter from the storm. I know she is only metal and leather and rubber, just
a machine.....but in many ways she holds it seems, a life time of memories for me. Even tonight
as I write this, I just can't see me driving another vehicle.

I spoke with one of the guys at the car docs today, he told me about how great some of the automobiles were that they serviced and recommended a couple I should think about. Then he looked at my face and grinned...... he said he had seen that same look, that there were a lot of folks who fell in love with their Volvos......he shook his head, told me she would be all shiny and fresh when I came to pick her up.....and that there would be life after Ingrid.

So tonight, I have begun to tell myself that some where down the road, it will be time to let go of Ingrid......I am going to take some photos of her, so one day(when I have to) I will have memories and a photo of a great car. For now, fingers are crossed, holding my breath and patiently waiting for Ingrid to come home.


  1. I understand. I miss "Skippy" to this day. She was my lovely Aveo.

    I cried for days after a drunk driver totaled her. [No one was in the car thank goodness, but..]

    I hope Ingrid comes home soon. And please post her pics. I get it.

  2. I get it , too. I love my car and it is 8 years old.....I think that's old! Good luck with yours...It's wonderful to love old things that serve you faithfully!

  3. Hang on to her as long as you can because she is worth it.

  4. You know Ingrid has at least two sisters out there, maybe you can find one. My Mom feels the same way about her Volvo and I'll be praying for your mechanic :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  5. I don't give anonymous objects personalities but if you have a reliable car you do get a soft spot. I used to have an old Renault 5 that never gave me any trouble. I responded by servicing it regularly and taking good care. That's probably why it didn't give me trouble.

  6. I just finished an old Dan Simmons novel and a line from it struck me and seems to address attachments. In it, the character of Ernest Hemmingway says, "None of the best things in life can be captured. The only way we can immortalize anything is by appreciating it when it happens."