Saturday, December 25, 2010

Watch Less

For many years I never wore a watch, and it never seemed to be a big deal. I don't remember being chronically late or missing appointments and I am not really sure when I began to wear a watch daily. I think that when I started teaching yoga (there was a time I was teaching four and five classes per day, five days a week) that is when the watch grew to my wrist.

The past few weeks I am wearing my watch less........on my off days I try to never strap that baby on. It really seems to keep my life less stressful, not to be so mindful of the passing of time.
I think I am getting more done, and it is easier to stay focused. Even this week as the Christmas crunch latched on to my back, the panic that I have felt in years past didn't hit. I admit I had my moments, but they were just that moments, not hours and days of beating myself up because I was not on schedule.

At first not wearing a watch, I felt rather naked. I would go to the grocery store or do errands and as I left the house my bare wrist seemed rather obscene...........but I am missing that timepiece less and less. We live in a time obsessed world, but it is so nice just a day or two a week to not be so worried about what time is it. To live a little freer, less shackled if you will
to the passing of the minutes and hours, seems to give me more time.

I truly had meant the past couple of nights to write about the holidays, but last night and tonight
the spirit moved me in a different path. Maybe it's the steroids racing through my brain and body, the hunger that I refuse to give in to, or all the big fat fluffy snowflakes that fell on Alabama today, but time seems to have stood still for moments and it felt as though I was looking at the world from another place.

My body says it is tired, my dog Blackie Bear lies at my feet snoring, I suppose it must be bed time. No watch has been on wrist today! and guess what , not wearing one tomorrow either.........and I dare you all to leave your watch at home one day this week and just see how
strange, yet freeing it feels.......ok for all you hard core keepers of the time, just go a few hours with out that face of numbers looking at you all day. Blackie's snoring is distracting now,
so Good night, Sweet dreams.


  1. I've not worn a watch for maybe 5 years. I used to have a velcro ID bracelet and a watch. I never owned an expensive watch and when the leather band broke the last time, I stopped wearing it. I put an ICE [in case of emergency] number in the cell and if I become incapacitated my friend Reggie will take over. The cellphone had a clock on it and if I really want to know the time, I look at that.

    For some reason I still get to any appointment I have on time.

  2. Glad to hear from you Charlene, been thinking about you, did you get a lot of snow?