Thursday, December 2, 2010


I love my hairstylist, Donna. She has been cutting my hair for many years. I have to admit that through the years there have been times that I have strayed, I have cheated on her, but I always go back and she welcomes me with open arms. She is better than a therapist. When my time is crunched, she is master of the quickie and when I need a couple of hours of undivided attention she is right there .

Today, time was crunchy, I had made the appointment for just a cut, but when I sat down in her chair and started telling her what I had been doing for the past couple of months and what was to come for the next few weeks, she shook her head and said "time for a quickie". She absolutely refused to let me leave with just a haircut, so she did her magic and I was blonde sparkle Jilda again. She does great rock and roll hair! When she finished, I looked in the mirror and said
OMG, you took ten years off! She laughed and I told her she could put plastic surgeons out of business.

When Rick saw me, his first words were "wow, you look like a rock star." Probably men reading this blog tonight are thinking what the hell is she talking about. But I think most of the women out there know.........a good hair cut makes momma real happy! It is amazing how something as simple as a haircut can make you feel. Ask any woman, a bad hair day is like gaining ten pounds overnight, it just knocks the wind right out of you.

So here I sit tonight, in my pjs in front of the computer with great hair. For all of you, I hope there is a Donna in your life and that you never have a bad hair day !


  1. For me there is Anne, who I've known since I was pre-school. We once did each other's hair and mine was fine but hers ended up with purple stripes. She was a blonde and I did a body perm on her and we used uncoated bobby pins to hold the rollers in. Result, the metal pins leached purple onto her hair! Regardless, she became a hair stylist and is wonderful. I drive 190 miles round trip every 6 weeks to see her and get the treatment. It keeps me sane and sometimes I think it keeps her sane too.

  2. After my last disasterous haircut I cut my own hair now. It is a little difficult, but I like it better and save $50.

  3. You show me yours and I'll show you mine. Kaye