Thursday, December 30, 2010

Better Off

Take a couple of days off, those words were spoken to me by my doctor and very good friend last week.
He knows me well, and he knows that occasionally I have to be shown the way. The past eight
weeks I had battled the same old stuff, and so there had been involvement with several rounds of antibiotics and a couple of meet and greets with steroids. I know my body all too well, and even with all the meds I knew down in my heart I needed some down time.

I did not teach today, nor am I teaching tomorrow.......and yes my energy is better tonight, my spirit feels lighter, I did the right thing, I needed the rest. I am not 100 percent, but I know I will be in a few more days.

I will be a better teacher Monday, my body will be stronger, my head in the right place. Isn't it amazing what just a couple of days of different makes???? Sometimes the teacher has to be taught.

The downside, I feel that I let my students down........they count on me to be there, but they will understand. I walked this morning, actually I have walked every morning this week and it feels good......still a little winded, but getting stronger every day.

The yoga has made me so aware of my body, that it seems every weakness or strength screams
at me...........I can't tell you how good it feels to feel healthy tonight. I am glad, I did not want to end this year or start the new one sick.

Tomorrow I will make my What Do I Want list.......have any of you made yours yet? If you haven't, take five minutes, sit, breathe and think about what You want......then write
it down. Once a week, look at your list, update if you need too.......I promise your life will change. Thanks for all your good energy and love!

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  1. The guilt should only be there if you had gone and given less than was needed. Resting to be better equipped to give it all... maybe a lesson for your students :)

    I'm pondering my list, lets just hope I don't lose it. Usually what happens to my lists :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow