Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Everything and More

It was a good day, it was a difficult day. We spent the morning with our great nephew Jordan
finding his first "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree.......which means we walked through the woods down past the barn until he found a little pine worthy of the title. This Charlie Brown tradition started with his mom, Samantha who is now twenty. When she was two or three, we went out and found her very own personal tree in the woods. I had decorations that I had made when I was a kid, she made decorations, and the tree stood proudly on our back deck. We did that for years, but to be honest I thought she had forgotten about it. Then over the weekend, she called and told me how much she had loved her Charlie Brown tree, could we do the same thing with Jordan.
I had saved those decorations from years ago, and I added a couple of angels that belonged to my mom. Tonight, Jordan's very own Charlie Brown tree is shinning on his back deck.

Then, I spent the afternoon with Doogie Howser, well not the real one. My pulmonary doc that I had seen for nineteen years retired a few months ago and my new one looks to be about twenty.
So, I am back on antibiotics and steroids........which means I cannot pig out during the holidays.
Steroids means no sleep, a raging appetite and energy to spare........well my house will be clean for Christmas.

Tonight I think I have painted my final Christmas card. This last batch gets mailed tomorrow.
I still have gifts to wrap, and a couple more to buy......cookies to bake. I have listened to Tori Amos' Christmas cd most of the day, LOVE it! and I have listened to Sting also and a cd called December which we bought years ago.

It was cloudy last night, we kept getting up to watch the eclipse, but it wasn't to be.
A blanket of clouds covered our skies and all we saw was the reddish glow. I so wanted to see it.
I think it is time to stop rambling and try to sleep tonight.
Good night, sweet dreams.


  1. I got your card in the mail today. It is absolutely beautiful. In fact each of the kids had to touch it and ask how you painted it. I so admire your creativity!

  2. I'm sorry you are going to have trouble sleeping. I find the young doctors are very sharp.
    I think your husband wants a bejeweled pen for Christmas! I hope you can find one.

  3. Boy, do I understand that steroid statement! Was on them for a year once, that sure was a productive year :)

    A Merry Christmas to you and yours
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  4. Lmao doogie howser, that cracked me up.

    I feel you on the steroids, I had to take them once when I had an infection. They make you feel like a man. I pretended I was a wrestler. Haha.

    Love your blog! Following you.