Sunday, December 12, 2010

Polar Express

The Polar Express came south today. It was an exhilarating twenty eight degrees with snow flurries! and twenty mile per hour wind gusts!

Rick and I went to the tree farm to get our Christmas tree, perfect day for it.
Cold, snowy, got to hang out with their reindeer and I sat in Santa's sleigh.
(see photo) I guess after writing about my favorite Christmas tree a few days ago, it set the mood for some sort of cedar tree. The tree sits in the living room as I write this blog, and the whole house smells so good. It is not decorated but that is ok.
I have also painted Christmas cards today. The kitchen table is full, there are cards everywhere...and many more to go.

The dogs are loving the snow and the cold. Blackie Bear, ( the big lab/chow mix) has just spent the day with the wind blowing in his face and snow flakes sticking to his fur. Every once in awhile he looked at me, like why can't we have this weather all the time????? The other dogs go out for about five minutes and then rush for the doggie door and the warm house.

When I was in the shop at the tree farm today looking at all their Christmas decorations, the owner said "wow, you are really dressed for the cold" I laughed and told her that I dressed for a life that I didn't live.......meaning I love cold weather clothing, I buy it and get to wear it for maybe a couple of weeks a year. You know, I keep seeing that cabin out in Colorado or on the coast of Maine......or that Christmas I have planned in Prague.

The cold won't last long. Weather rumor has it, that by Thursday it will be sixty degrees.
Dylan knew what he was singing about, "a change in the weather, is bound to be extreme."
So, I cherished every snow flake that fell today......some were big, fat and fluffy, others were tiny little things that were just blown around by the wind. I know most of the folks who live here have complained about the cold, but for me it was a wonderful gift.....that made my cheeks rosy and my eyes twinkle.

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