Monday, December 20, 2010

Silver Glow

I can't help myself, and yes I know that every other blogger in blog world is writing about the same thing tonight, but we should, it is a once in a life time event.
Full moon, winter solstice, full lunar eclipse......... I taught four yoga classes today and we did moon salutations in each class....... how could we not with all the lunar activity tonight?????

You all know how I love full moons, and then we add the solstice and's like birthday,
Christmas, New Years all rolled into one. When I left the building at work tonight, I looked through the branches of the bare trees, there was the moon bright and shinning with a big circle around it and a few clouds beginning to drift across it. The moon followed me all the way home.
Coming down the mountain, the whole world had a silver glow and I cried because of the beauty of it all. These are the moments we have to hold on to, these are the moments that we have to file in our memory, because they truly will never happen again in our life time.

I keep hearing that the clouds are moving in and we will miss the eclipse, but our clocks are set, and spirits are high, we expect to see this eclipse tonight.

As always, each time there is a full moon, it gladdens my heart, because it shines on all of us.
So no matter where you are as you read this blog tonight, the full moon bathes your world in its soft silvery glow. On this cold winter's night, with the energy that is flowing through the universe, I hope the moon shines on you and yours, that this shift of activity brings abundance
and great joy and peace to all of you........know as I watch the eclipse tonight I send love from my heart to yours..............Peace.


  1. How can we not write about such a once in a lifetime event of such beauty?
    And yes, each of my yoga classes include moon salutations too! It's a must!

  2. Thank you Jilda, and may the peace from Him who made all things be yours.

  3. Wonderful sentiment here but our clouds did not part :(

    I do love a full moon though and thanks for following my blog. I'm returning the honor :)

    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow