Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Eye Transformation

I am always looking into people's faces.......I did it as a kid. I cannot walk down a street and not look into someone's eyes. The eyes don't lie. Because of my work, I see eyes that are empty and sad almost daily. I see eyes with no hope, that have given up on hope. Some nights, I dream of nothing but eyes.......peering into darkness. I see eyes that show fear, eyes that show hate, and eyes that have no life left in them at all.

But then there are those flashes, when the tiniest ray of hope flickers and you see the light begin to shine in those eyes. I see eyes sparkle and dance with laughter for the first time in ages.
I see eyes that begin to soften, and the hate and the anger and fear seem to fade. As lives change and hope becomes possible, faces that seemed way too old and hard, soften and the years roll away.

There are days when I think, I have nothing left to give........that the well of compassion within me has gone dry. And then I see someone smile, burst into laughter for the first time since I have met them, and the well fills up again. Some days I go to work sick, go there empty and within the first ten minutes, someone walks through my door, gives me a hug and I know I can go on..........that there is more than enough love in my heart for everyone who comes through my door.

Many days we talk about love, about hope, about possibilities, how learning to be still changes
everything about us. Some have ran all their lives, finding stillness and peace was not in their
DNA, or so they thought. That moment when they experience stillness, experience peace for the first time.........the light in their eyes is the most beautiful I have ever seen.

I love to watch my nephew Jordan's eyes......when he comes through my door they sparkle,
with the most amazing joy and love! I try to always let love shine in my eyes, because I know if it is shining in my eyes people I meet will see it. No one has ever told me they were loved too much.

Not sure how I went down this path tonight, I think someone told me as I was leaving today that I looked tired..........tired is ok,it just dims the sparkle for a little while. A good night's sleep, and I'll be good as new tomorrow.
Good night, Sweet dreams.


  1. I think almost every one of we humans demand too much of ourselves. I know I do. My only salvation is I forgive all my sins. That seems to be enough.

  2. You are a very wise woman, Charlene!