Saturday, December 11, 2010


Ok, I have to confess........It is December 11 and I have done none, not any Christmas shopping.
No tree, no cards.........I know there are some of you who are thinking what is her problem?
First the shopping........usually the shopping is almost done by now, or at least there is a good start.That is because until this year, I had done ninety percent of my shopping on line, but Rick wants to keep it local this year, and ........I haven't been to the mall. I love shopping on line, I can always find really unique stuff, I hate going to the mall. (sigh.............) at least my friend Woni has a wonderful book store, so I can do some shopping there. My girlfriend Kaye also has some incredible things in her online store, (which for me is local) so maybe between the two of them
the shopping will not be so painful.

The tree, we are going to the tree farm tomorrow. There should be a decorated Christmas tree in the house by tomorrow night,.........or at least an extra tree in the house.

Cards, well I painted the model tonight, and tomorrow morning or sometime tomorrow the card painting frenzy will begin. If any of you want a hand painted card, send snail mail address tomorrow or forever hold your peace.

I know you must be thinking, this woman is Scrooge's mistress ! I promise, I love Christmas.
But I grew up in a house where Christmas did not create a spending frenzy or decorating
nightmare. We put a tree up, usually the week before Christmas, sent Christmas cards that week and usually did shopping a couple of weeks before Christmas. We hung a wreath, sometimes we did outdoor lights, hung stockings, and displayed all the Christmas cards we got around the doors and windows of the living room. Each of us got one or maybe two presents.

But we cooked........holidays at our house, we'd put Christmas records on the stereo and turn the kitchen into command center. One of my girlfriends told me last week, that the Christmas she helped my mom and me make chocolate covered cherries was one of her best memories.
She said she never knew a kitchen could hold that much love. Funny she said those particular words, because I am a firm believer that if food is not cooked with love, no matter the skills or
kitchen appliances or ingredients, it will not be its best.

Most years I have painted or made jewelry for almost everyone, but my time has been rather crunched the past few months. But, I do work best under pressure, we'll see what takes place in the next thirteen days.

So my cooking plans, biscotti (several kinds) Swedish spice cookies, maybe an Irish raisin cake,
a big fat ham, a smoked turkey breast, a couple of pots of home made soups, some home made bread, ginger bread and always hot apple cider and eggnog and oh yes, home made salsa and chips. Lots of hot tea and frothy coffee drinks. And yes, butter and sugar will be used with wild abandon!
It is cold and rainy tonight, and the wind is howling.......perfect weather for creating the Christmas spirit. I can feel the inspiration as I sit here and tap these keys!
A cup of hot tea awaits.........Good Night, Sweet Dreams.


  1. Not only am I a small local business but I also do business other small businesses and most of the things I sell are made in the United States. I recently sold some items for a friend who used the proceeds to hire a craftsman to make improvements to her house. The person she hired is someone I know to shop locally. So, on it goes. We can do this! Kaye

  2. Belle, come on down and we will cook up a storm!