Monday, December 27, 2010

After Christmas

I like the aftermath of Christmas............ Last week, I decorated the tree, did my shopping, painted and mailed cards.......then Christmas Eve and Christmas day, non-stop visiting. Last night I was exhausted, while every one else I know is taking down their tree and decorations because they can't stand to look at them anymore(most being up since Thanksgiving or before) I sat on my sofa and enjoyed the tree and the decorations on the mantle. I won't take anything down until after New Year's Day, I will spend this week enjoying the beauty of the tree, looking at the cards we got, and thinking about everyone that we spent time with the past few days. I love the after Christmas glow.
The snow we had this past weekend just made it all even better.

I can take the time this week to light the candles, eat a piece of peppermint bark and look at all my Christmas cookbooks. I know it's crazy, but this is when I truly feel the Christmas spirit. ........this week between Christmas and New Years'. My paternal grandparents, Mamie and Johnny always acknowledged the twelve old days and maybe that is where this after Christmas bliss comes from. I am fascinated by Boxing Day as well. I tend not to get back to life as usual until after January first........this week is my time for reflection, gratitude and enjoying the winter season.

Sitting in front of the Christmas tree, drinking my morning coffee was one of the most peaceful moments today. The stockings are still hung on the fireplace, the bouquets of cedar and pine overflow in my mom's old green vases, Mamie's old table cloth covers the kitchen table. In that stillness this morning, I felt the presence of Christmas past.......that certainty of love that spans generations and gives hope to future Christmases.

For me, this is Christmas.........not the gifts or the craziness of trying to go to everybody's house in twenty four hours......... this after Christmas stillness, it is the best part of the holiday season.
The slowdown, remembering to breathe, getting out in the cold fresh air,knowing that a brand new year is just around the corner, full of opportunities and possibilities.
So tonight, I will sit in the glow of after Christmas, the soft twinkle of the lights on the tree,
the familiar decorations, and I will bask in the holiday spirit and let this season of love finally wrap its arms around me.

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