Thursday, December 23, 2010

Itch That Needs to Be Scratched

A good friend who lives on the west coast sent an e-mail today, full of good wishes for the holidays, cheer for the New Year..........but he also included a link to a new song that he had written.
It was hauntingly beautiful and by the end I was singing along. Where he lives is cold and snowy these days, but his song felt like summer......and though it is windy and cold here tonight, hearing his song made me feel the warmth of the summer sun.

We met in L.A a few years ago at a songwriter's workshop, and he and Rick and I became friends.
Our music really meshed too, voices, guitars, it was magic........but distance and obligations have kept us from getting together again. That is a shame, because when the magic happens you want it to go on. Now, I am thinking come spring, maybe the three of us can visit and write.

Co-writing songs is a strange intimacy........ you bear your soul in the strangest of the ways and hope that magic happens. I love co-writing songs, each writer brings something different to the table.......and it can be ordinary pot luck or it can be a delightful feast! Every writer that we have ever written songs with was wonderfully creative, and the songs...........from the ordinary to number one in Europe. But each song was a gift, from each writer, a piece of their heart, a bit of their soul, stirred not shaken, sometimes a dash of tears, usually laughter and there you have it..... a song.

It's been a while since we have co-written, and I am getting the itch, the fever if you will. The doc suggested today that I take a few days off work next week.......maybe the muse will visit
and a song will manifest......there's a lot in my heart that wants to come out, that need for creative intimacy is strong.......and if the stars and the planets are aligned who knows what might happen.

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