Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Am What I Am

A friend use to tell me that I was the female Popeye the Sailor.......not that I had muscles or that I was like a cartoon, he referred to the phrase that Popeye aways said "I am what I am".
My friend has said that to me so many times, you are what you are.

I have always thought that was a great compliment.........and it really is how I have tried to live my live for a very long time. Through the years, friends, family and strangers have all at one time or another thought that I was strange or weird......most of the time, no big deal.

Now, I am(HaHa) trying to get past the I am........ to really break down and let go of the labels and expectations that I have carried with me for so long, and truly be I am what I am. Letting go of labels is hard.......because our labels are how we see ourselves, how we expect ourselves to behave and live.

I am what I am..........living without being defined scares the hell out of me.......that's my struggle these days. To live, without expectations, without judgments, to get up every day and let life
flow like a river, to just be......I am what I am.

I read something about mortality, that if you consider how long the universe has been around,
how long the earth has been here and then think about the average life expectancy of humans, you understand how fragile the human body is, and how incredible the spirit is. I am what I am... not what I do, what I wear, what I look like, where I live........I am what I am.

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