Monday, December 6, 2010

Starry Night

One of my most favorite paintings is Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh. Tonight, the sky over head must look like the sky that inspired Starry Night. The sky looks like deep rich velvet strewn with tiny sparkling bits of crystal. You know some nights the stars look flat against the sky, but tonight there is dimension and depth to their brilliance.

It is very cold tonight, already in the low thirties. There is stillness, that kind of stillness that comes with freezing cold. When you stand out in the cold and look at the stars , time seems to stand still. You can hear the rustle of fallen brown leaves as a dog or maybe a deer walks through the garden.

I wish we had a skylight.......over the bed, so I could look at the sky tonight before I go to sleep.
I feel the cold and gaze up at those stars, and I believe in possibilities. There is something at least for me, about seeing the stars that gives me hope. A cold night sky filled with stars makes me believe in magic, that anything is possible. I see all those stars and I just have to think that surely someone out there is looking up at their stars and thinking ........there has to be more, there has to be someone else somewhere.

I wonder when Vincent van Gogh painted Starry Night if he knew how magnificent his painting really was, did he know in his heart that it would become one of the most loved paintings in the world, that generations would look at that painting in awe and wonder.

I think to create something so beautiful like a painting or a song, that stands the test of time,
that gives so much pleasure to so many, that is a true gift to humanity. I can't help but think,
did van Gogh ever think about his work lasting all these years, that millions would know his name and his talents.

Starry Night, it says it all, such a simple name for a painting that is known all over the world.
And tonight, I have my own personal Starry Night............cold, still, dark with millions of stars
shimmering down on not only me, but all of you.
Starry Night, Sweet Dreams.


  1. It's cold here too. The sky is clear but the stars are not like the Van Gough painting. I'm in the city so it as unusual to see bright stars in the sky.

  2. Not sure you got my last comment. Here it is again.

    Found you! Hope you are having a NAMASTE!