Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Power of Touch

I am a hugger......... I have always believed in the power of touch. I think there is magic when you hug, when you hold someone's hand, when you touch someone's shoulder. The magic is the connection of one human with another. I am not talking the touch of lust(though that can be a good thing too), but the touch of kindness of letting someone know you care.

I hear people say I love you alot, but these days I think we all need human contact more than we need to hear words. Touch is healing, touch is comforting, a hug can make someone's day.
When we were at the beach a few days ago, I saw couples strolling on the beach holding hands, it melted my heart. These were not teenagers, these were couples with some years on them who understood the power of touch.

When is the last time you saw anyone strolling holding hands? For the most part we are all walking as fast as we can go, going nowhere. I love airports, you can see some fantastic hugs there.......sad ones, because someone is leaving and joyous ones because someone arrived. There is usually some hand holding too.

I see people everyday that I want to hug......small children, the sick and the elderly. At work,
anytime someone wants a hug, they know I have one to share. Think about when you are sad or sick, how good it feels when someone hugs you. When there is something to celebrate, hugs just add to the festivities.

Sometimes it doesn't even take a hug, just a hand on a shoulder, a pat on the back can change your day. We all forget the energy that we possess, how powerful the touch of the hand can be.
Healing has taken place through the laying on of hands. Think about petting your dog or cat, just stroking their fur makes them and you feel better.

I know that there are many who shrivel and shrink away from touch, and that is their loss. But I can assure you, life is better with the power of touch . Pain eases, fears are calmed, sadness is softened with the human touch.

So first we start by looking at each other, then maybe a hand shake, we can do this.........we can slowly ease into this power of touch........then after a handshake, maybe a hand on the shoulder
and then finally a gentle hug.........there is power in touch, there is energy in touch, lives can be changed with just a touch.


  1. I'm not sure why people do not want hugs or touches, but it could be they've had inappropriate touch at some time in their lives. I always hug and kiss my good friends when I see them and after a long conversation on the phone say, "I love you." As a single woman for almost 20 years, I can attest that sex is not difficult to get at all! But affection and touch is something that

  2. A post that is thoughtfully presented. I am one of those people who don't like for men to touch me but I like hugs from friends and family.