Sunday, December 19, 2010

Silence of Winter

Tonight I wait for the silence of winter. For me, that means snow. I love everything turns into a black and white post card, how clean the air smells, and mostly the silence here in the woods as the snow falls.

We only get a couple of snows a year in Alabama, and that is if the snow gods smile on us.
Snow is not in the forecast, but I crave it tonight. I crave those falling flakes like a junkie craves
their next fix. When life gets hectic, and chaos seems to rule, as it does this time of year, I pray for snow........ for big fat fluffy flakes, as big as quarters.

Snow seems to be the perfect baptism for the sin of stress......just a simple walk through the woods
listening to the silence and I am born again. Looking at bare trees, grey skies, feeling the wind blow against my face, I feel alive......... Sticking out my tongue, catching the flakes, and I am at peace.

We had beautiful flurries last weekend, it doesn't even have to stick to make me happy!
Many years ago, Rick and I had a gig in Mobile one cold January weekend. It snowed all the way, just these incredible swirls of flakes blowing across the Interstate. No accumulations that weekend, but a five hour drive in blowing was pretty being captured
in a snow globe and someone kept shaking it.

I love moments of silence, even when it doesn't a matter of fact, I have to have them. When things get so crazy, that I can't find the stillness, the silence.......I start to lose it.
I think we all need the silence of winter, for you it may not be falling snow, maybe it is sitting in front of a fireplace, or a solitude read, or just a drive alone......... silence is gold and silver for the soul, the wealth of the spirit........may we all be blessed with those moments this week.

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