Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Blogging Transformation

Some nights when I write this blog, the words flow so fast that it's as though they are streaming through my fingertips.......I can't type fast enough. Then there nights like tonight, I have thought of a dozen things to write about, but nothing flowed. I know that words cannot be forced, that they have to movement, flow and if it is not energy, no life in the passage.

On nights like tonight, I think about why I write. All my life, people have talked to me, told me their personal stories, I am a good listener. But as good a listener as I am, it can be quite difficult for me to tell someone my story........though it is easy to write my thoughts. Often I tell my yoga students to write, to journal their thoughts and feelings. This blog is not a personal journal, but it does allow me a certain freedom with my thoughts and words.

Rick had written about writing letters(Rick is my husband) in his blog. Honestly, I have not written letters in a long time. But, I use to write letters often. I loved writing letters, I bought beautiful stationary, sealing wax, special pens. I started writing letters when I was ten or eleven years old. I miss writing letters, I miss getting letters. There really was something extraordinary about letters. I think maybe some of Rick's followers are correct, blogs have become the pen pals if you will of this century.

Because of writing this blog, and following other blogs, I have made friends that I would never have met otherwise. I am fascinated by the quality of writing, the vastness of knowledge, the humor and kindness that you all express through your blogs. It is a small world, yet an isolated we sit at our computers and people around the world that we will probably never meet or maybe never see again, but the connection has been made.

I wish I had more time to read more blogs and follow more blogs. When and if, I ever retire,
maybe that is what I will do, spend my days following blogs. There are worst ways to spend your day. Rick has been writing his blog for five years, I hope to make it to one.
Thanks for reading, thanks for your comments, this blogging transformation is never boring.


  1. I am retired and I have to say I love reading blogs. People are so interesting and wonderful. I am writing letters again to my granddaughter in college. I thought she might like that instead of just commenting to her on Facebook.

    She does love it! I sent her letters, bookmarks I made for her, mittens, and other things. I'm glad to introduce her to real mail.

  2. Belle, there really is nothing like getting a letter or package in the mail! It's like Christmas and Birthdays rolled into one.