Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Worst of Times

I read an article by a very high power attorney a few days ago. She talked about how the most difficult part of her job, was how close she became to her clients. That as a divorce lawyer, she often saw people at their worst, at the low point in their lives. But she was there for them, when they needed someone to talk with, to listen to them. And she made sure she did her best to help them on the path of their lives. That rang such a chord with me, no, I am not an attorney. Just a yoga teacher at a rehab center. But like said attorney, I see people at some of their worst moments. I try, through yoga to show them a way to find peacefulness, to live healthier lives, to understand that no matter the darkness, there is light and love within them. It seems my days are filled with other people's turmoils, their worst of times. And even though I see many at their lows, they find places in my heart. I know, it may sound cheesy or corny, but I see in their faces and hearts, the lives they want to live, the people they want to be, and I love them for that.
It seems almost every time someone leaves the center, they take a little piece of my heart with them. But that is ok, because I think maybe if they know, a piece of me goes with them, then they understand compassion, and kindness. It is hard to be loved, when you feel unlovable, it is hard to have self-esteem, when the self is looked at as worthless. But maybe, when you know you are loved, even by your yoga teacher or attorney, a small light begins to shine in your life. And when a light or glimmer of hope shines on anyone, changes can take place. We all have at one point in our lives, faced the worst of times and if we look back, and we think about it, someone's kindness helped get us through. It's time to let our lights shine.

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