Sunday, July 11, 2010

Open Doors

Doors open when you least expect it........ seems you can go for months, years, maybe, just waiting for a door to open. You wait, you pray, you worry, you fret and then, when you let it go and just decide what ever, it happens. During my life, many incredible doors have opened for me, some of them I was smart enough to walk through, others, well, there were some that either I was too afraid or not smart enough to walk through. I am starting to see some doors beginning to open, a crack here, a crack there. Now I have to figure out which ones are the ones that I really want to walk through, and will they open wide or will I have to push! It is too far down the road to make wishy washy choices, too many years have gone by to be afraid, and time is moving so fast that I know I no longer have that many doors in front of me. So, I give myself the same advice I would give anyone........take a deep breath, it's ok to be afraid, take a leap of faith! if I make a mistake, it won't be the first, most likely will not be the last, but the next door I walk through might be my last to open, and then what.........if I don't go through will I spend the rest of my days questioning what if, and if I go through and it's a wash, and here is where I have to remind myself of my friend Charlie Brown's favorite saying, NO GUTS,NO GLORY!
So there you have it, when the door opens, I go through!

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