Saturday, July 24, 2010


Tonight, I played a songwriter's in the round, with Rick, Skip Cochran and Steve Norris. I was a little nervous going in, these guys are so good, but you know once I got on stage, we did the sound check, and the lights went on, all was good! I am so lucky to do the things I love. Yoga, playing music, writing, life has been kind to me. And the fact that Fred Miller is the best sound man in the business, thanks Fred! It is just so much fun to play and sing, the only way to describe it is joy.
I feel absolute joy when I sing........and just like with yoga, I feel that I share that joy. I know I am not the best singer you will ever hear, but you get a piece of my soul each time you hear me. So to my friends, who got to come to the show tonight thanks, and for those who didn't make it, we will meet on down the road. Thanks to those of you who couldn't make but sent your love, and energy!
It will be awhile before I sleep tonight, lots of energy flowing right now.

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  1. That sounds like fun! I admire you for being able to perform in public.

    While I love to sing in the truck and at home, I nevere do so publicly. I did a lot of church solos and talent contests as a kid, pushed by my mom, and that ruined me for all that.