Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I watched the movie, Last Chance Harvey with Dustin Hoffman. It is a great movie, wonderful script. There is a line in the movie when Harvey(Dustin's character) says he is in transition, when asked where he resides.

I think we are all in transition in some area of our lives these days. Some of us are moving, probably downsizing. Maybe there are those of us transitioning relationships. I know that there are many who are in transitions in their jobs/careers. Some of us, as we age, are in transitions of health/lifestyles.

Random House dictionary gives the meaning of transition as" passage from one place/stage to another". So, that means I have been in transition my whole life. My resume is long, very long.
I have shifted from one place in life to another, it seems almost yearly, sometimes monthly.
Maybe that is what most of us in the baby boomer generation do. I think transition could almost be our mantra. We have studied, experimented, tried, so many lifestyles and trends that our parents would never have dreamed of doing.

My father's nickname for me was Gypsy. Am not sure if that marked me, or he just really knew
me well, but I have often felt like a Gypsy most of my life. Though we have lived in one place many years, I love to travel, and I think would have liked to have lived in some different places.
I have moved through several careers and usually never looked back. I like to pack, and I actually pack pretty light. I can drive for hours on end and not get tired. I think a life in transition describes me pretty well.

I think of transition, not only as passage, but as growth. Stagnation for me is the worst of sins.
I need the growth of spirit, of mind, of creativity. I love the phrase, I am in transition. And when you think of it, as our bodies age, we are in the greatest transition of all. Don't look at it as journey's end..........just transition.

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