Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bliss and Joy

My friend, Steve W. called me today. The moment I picked up the phone I could hear the happiness and excitement in his voice. His dad had passed away a few weeks ago, and I had been a little worried about him, but his life is coming together nicely and that is good. He is one of the most incredible musicians I have ever known, and it had seemed for awhile that his music had faded into the sea of life, which can be an easy thing to happen, speaking from experience here.
But the music gods have smiled on him, gigs are coming his way, and the joy that only a creative experience can bring is back in his life. I wish that every day, all of us could have that joy, that happiness, and excitement in our lives, that creative energy that when it is flowing runs like the Amazon River with no boundaries. I have had those moments of bliss, and they are the moments you live for. We all have experienced them in some form or other, and we carry them with us when life is beating down and it seems all joy has disappeared. But deep down inside, the memories of infinite bliss linger and gives us the strength to go on. So tonight, for my friend, Steve W. may the joy you feel today linger on and fuel you to bigger and better things, and for those of us that may be a little low on the bliss and joy.......... may the well spring eternal, and even when it doesn't flow endlessly, may we never forget the feeling, may we always press on.


  1. I love it when I hear joy or happiness in a friend's voice.

  2. thanks for reading my blog Charlene, may you have joy and happiness in your voice today!