Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Culture shock, back in Alabama, HOT weather, muggy! It was 73 degrees in Telluride yesterday, on the 4th of July, the temp dropped to 35 with rain, first time I ever watched 4th of July fireworks and wore a coat! Telluride, was all everyone had told me it would be, the beauty was breathtaking, and my photos will never do it justice! But there was more than just the beauty of nature, there was the beauty of the people that we met. The pace was slow, and the words I heard so many times, It's all good, seemed to be the theme of everyone who lives there. It was the vacation that I needed, a different place, a slower pace, surrounded by blue skies, mountains that climbed forever, people from all around the world, and great food. But it was good to get home, to see my dogs, pick tomatoes, water my flowers and tonight sleep in my bed.
Good night, sleep dream, the transformation of rest comes next!

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