Sunday, July 25, 2010


I was born on a Sunday, maybe that is why it is my favorite day of the week. Today was a great Sunday. I slept in, until about 7:15, had two cups of coffee, listened to some classical music, went for a walk, had waffles, read both Sunday papers, took a long nap, picked blueberries, and tonight took a long hot bath. This has been a perfect Sunday! It was the end to a really good weekend. The gig was a good one last night, and tonight as I sit here and write, the rain has finally come! A nice long steady rain, I stepped out on the screened porch, even though it is muggy and warm, the sound of the rain on the tin roof, the freshness of the rain on the dry soil, Heaven!
I hear the rain, such a wonderful sound. When 100 year old oaks look tired and droopy, you know you need rain, I can almost hear the trees and all the animals rejoice as that healing elixir falls from the sky. I know that in the morning everything will look fresh and revived, the flowers will continue to bloom, the leaves on the oaks will be supple and green. Rain........the perfect ending to a perfect Sunday.

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