Monday, July 12, 2010

Grunts from the Bear

Blackie, the Black Bear( he is actually a black lab chow mix) has just sat down beside me at the computer. He is grunting and snorting, he does that when he is ready for bed. His bed is in the floor on my side of the bed, he won't go to bed until I go. He is my strange guardian angel. He follows me from room to room, when I take a shower, he sits in my bathroom and waits for me. He weighs 97 pounds, every time we take him to the vet, all the girls that work there want to keep him. He loves children and women. He loves to be asked if he is a bear, when that happens, he talks back, and does a little dance. I tell him every night, he is my favorite dog. He knows.
So, since he continues to grunt and snort, this is a short blog tonight. Good night, sweet dreams.

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