Friday, July 9, 2010

A Good Day

A good day is different for everyone. For me, a good day was a day like today. I heard from an old friend, I had a great night's sleep last night, my yoga classes went well today, my dogs were glad to see me when I got home this evening, dinner was simple but good. My plants that had almost died while I was on vacation, are surviving. I spoke with one of my friends at work about how important it is to celebrate milestones, he had a major milestone in his life this week and he celebrated with a tattoo. It is so easy when life is good to take it for granted. The good unspectacular days tend to go unnoticed and they are just as important as the big days! Of course there have been Big Days in my life that sadly, I let slip by with barely any notice. The past few years, every so often, Rick and I do a gratitude celebration, sometimes it is for the big things, but often, it is for the little things. I look back at some of life's moments that I should have celebrated, and I let them slip away. Now I try to find good in every day, and those days when great things happen, well there is just more to celebrate. So I am thinking, maybe I need a tattoo, I had planned on getting one for my 50th birthday, and you guessed it, the day just slipped by. And after talking with my friend today, maybe the only reason I should get a tattoo is the fact that I am alive and I should just celebrate all the good days that I have had in my life.
It never hurts to have a reminder of a good day.

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