Thursday, July 22, 2010


I love to connect. Most call it networking, but I think of it as connecting one person to the next.
When I meet someone new, my brain goes into overdrive as I try to figure who else in my life they need to meet and how they can benefit from said meeting. I think of all these lives as circles that overlap, I love introducing folks and seeing the light flicker in their eyes as contact is made with each other. Right now, I am connecting a couple of friends with music, but then also taking that connection down another path, which will lead one of them to a motivational speaking engagement.
I love it! I have a day planner that is filled with names and numbers, everything from a perfume store in San Francisco that sells only rare perfumes, to a clothing manufacture, to the owner of a small television network, to our friends who raise llamas. Everyone I meet has a story, and there is some one down the road who wants to hear it. People are fascinating, no matter how humble or how grand their lives are and it is important that those connections be made. I think the connection story is what really intrigued me to write a blog.........I loved knowing that anyone in the world at some point might read my blog and want to connect with me. So tonight think about your friends, and how you might be able to make some connections yourself.
Who knows, you might connect the next Lennon and McCartney, or Lucy and Ethel. It's exciting isn't it?


  1. Perfect. All true. All my friends are all my friends, friends. Back when I was in my after marriage dating mania, some of my gf's got some of the men. Worked out fine though, as all those friends had friends. Amazing but so natural.

  2. It really is the rhythm of life, isn't it? thanks Charlene for reading my blog, I love your comments