Sunday, July 18, 2010

Callous Fingers

It's probably not something that most women would want, but I love the callouses on my fingers!
They are there because of playing the guitar, and I wear them with pride! They are the result of hours of hard practice, quite a few tears, some angry moments and a pity party or two. I have played at the guitar for years, but about six months ago I decided I really wanted to learn to play.
I have no desire to be a lead player(at least not right now) but my goal is to be a good solid rhythm player. I have a ways to go. But there are moments when I know I am on my way. It is an incredible feeling when that happens, to know that I am playing music, not just making sounds on the guitar. I still get nervous playing in front of folks, but that's ok. It is the journey that makes us who we are and shows the stuff we're made of. Saturday night, July 24, Rick and I, our friends
Steve Norris and Skip Cochran are doing a writers in the round at Berkeley Bob's in Cullman and I am so excited! Playing live, keeps you honest, keeps you on your toes and keeps me happy! Steve and Skip and Rick are great guitar players and I am honored to be on stage with them. They are also wonderful songwriters. I think they let me play because I am a really good cook, and when we are working sets out, they come to the house for dinner!
But back to the callouses, I also have them on my feet( is this too personal) and that is from teaching 15 to 20 yoga classes per week. I am always barefoot, and I am proud of those callouses too! I once complained about the look of my hands to my good friend Kaye, and she set me straight by telling me that my hands were my tools and that I should be proud of the wear and tear that they showed. She is right, I use my hands for gardening, for my art, for my jewelry making, for guitar playing, for yoga, for hugs and patting folks on the back.
I wear my callouses with pride.

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