Thursday, August 29, 2019

Thursday Thoughts

Tonight's menu was take-out.  Rick is a genius when it comes to picking up food on Thursday nights.
He knows by the time I make it home on Thursday evening, I am drained.  My day starts with almost two hours with the Pain Management group.  Next up is First Responders/Military and then the women's group.  I am emotionally and physically spent by the time I get home.

Tonight we had Chinese and a tv show.  I put leftovers in the fridge, he cleans up the kitchen and we are good.

For our friends on the Florida coast heed your weather folks and for our friends in the PanHandle and Alabama Coast don't let your guard down.  We all know hurricanes are fickle and can have multiple lives.  We will all be watching the weather stations with baited breath the next few days.  Even for us, we have been in the midst of the eye of a hurricane, flood waters and horrific winds.

Labor Day weekend starts tomorrow, enjoy your holiday and these last days of summer.  The days are getting shorter and this morning was downright cool.  But I know it could be 90 degrees tomorrow.

Be kind, spread joy, be safe.


  1. I'm praying for those in path of the storm, the the Lord will calm it down and it won't be as bad as predicted.

  2. I'm also praying for those who are in the path of Dorian. I have friends in Florida so I'm very concerned for their safety but I have high hope that the storm will loose strength before it reaches Florida.
    You guys are too busy. You need to slow down like me. Believe it, I have slowed down quite a bit from what I used to do in a day.
    Hugs, Julia