Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Knock, Knock

My old friend vertigo has been trying to visit me.  Not the severe bouts I once had, but still he is knocking, along with the migraines.  Trying to figure out the triggers is difficult, I know that stress and fatigue are biggies, so are weather changes.   I have experienced all three this week.  I know it is a strange picture to post, but that fungus reminds me of how scattered I feel or really  more how my head feels tonight.

Thankfully tomorrow is my Friday.  A long weekend of rest should help a great deal.
May we all spread kindness tomorrow.


  1. You're right: stress, fatigue, weather. While we can do nothing about the weather, we can do a lot about stress and fatigue.
    I suppose when you retire from work, you'll get rid of your health issues.

  2. I agree with DUTA. Speedy recovery.
    Hugs, Julia