Friday, August 9, 2019

Dragon Fly Welcome

When I got home from work last evening, the sun was starting to drop in the western sky.  The lighting was amazing, rays of dazzling light filtered through the trees in our front yard.
As I walked down the walk I saw my dragonfly welcome flag looking like an abstract piece of art.
I hurriedly snapped the picture knowing how fleeting those magic moments of last rays are.  Did I mention how much I love dragon flies?

Today has been acupuncture and chores, yin and yang sort of day.  I checked in with most of our great nieces and nephews who started back to school yesterday and it seems they all had a good day.
What  more could I ask for?

More chores tomorrow including the harvest of honey.  It truly does look like liquid gold in those Mason jars.

Enjoy the weekend,  Be kind.

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