Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Another Recipe

Since breakfast for many of us, can be an iffy meal I thought I might share another recipe with ya'll tonight.  We both love big southern breakfasts, but we know those are a treat not a daily meal.
Something that I enjoy in the mornings is a cup of plain yogurt with chopped walnuts and a small chopped apple with a drizzle of honey.  The yogurt and walnuts give you protein, the apple, fiber and a healthy fruit and of course as bee keepers, we love the nutritional value of honey straight from the hive.  If plan yogurt is not your taste, vanilla yogurt is tasty in this combination.

We all seem to live such hectic lives, but eating healthy is vital to our well being.  Food can taste good, be good for you and easy to prepare.  In the coming weeks I will try to share more of my recipes and tips for eating healthy.  This blog is called Transformation Information and transformation comes about in many different ways including our diets.

Rain and storms today.  Several trees near us were blown down, thankfully we didn't lose power.
Enjoy your Wednesday, I am going to see the acupuncturist tomorrow.
Spread joy, be kind.


  1. I love yogurt too. The addition of fruit makes it even more delicious.
    I seldom eat nuts because of their rich calorie content. I get my protein mainly from yogurt, milk(in the coffee), eggs, fish and sardines.
    Enjoy your accupuncture session!

  2. I'm looking forward to your recipe shares and healthy eating tips. Thank you for caring and sharing.