Friday, August 16, 2019

Friday Update

There were no clouds in the sky today.  We drove into Birmingham around 10:00am and drove home around 1:00.  Not a cloud to be seen, nothing but blue skies.  That is a rarity here.

Have you seen the full moon this week?  It has been a beauty.  I would love to have seen the meteor showers, but the light of the moon has been so bright, the stars dimmed in comparison.
Last night I thought Rick had left lights on, but when I got up to check, it was moonlight filtering through the windows of the great room.

Jordan came over to check on the chickens this evening.  He does that every day.  He is taking this chicken farming as serious business and doing a great job.  He wants that 4H blue ribbon. This weekend is his swim party for the summer season.  It's the final gathering of the team until the fall season starts and medals are awarded, including those won at state competition.  I can't wait to see what he gets.

It was almost 100 degrees today, more of the same for the next several day and no rain to be seen.
This is similar to the weather we had last summer.  It seems our summers are getting hotter and drier.

I hope your Saturday brings you joy, rest and fun.  Spread some kindness while you are out and about.

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