Sunday, August 4, 2019

Feel Better

Rain, glorious rain!   It has been raining for over an hour and we are almost giddy with delight.
I swear I think our little universe is singing.  We sat on the screen porch for a while and breathed in the clean fragrant air  as the drops danced on the tin roof.

Of course there was thunder and lightening and Taz and Calliou have been upset, but things have calmed down.  I read an article about different cultures a few days.  Many indigenous cultures believe that when the earth is sick, humans become sick as well.  I believe it too.  Our heat and oppressive humidity and drought these past few weeks seems to have solidified that thought for many who live here.  Everyone I talked with has said something like, " if the weather would just change, I think I would feel better." 

Tonight our spot on earth got a big drink of water and relief from the heat.  I feel better and I think Mother Earth does too.

I hope this week brings healing, peace and kindness for all of us.


  1. After all the rain and floods we had this spring and early summer, I looked forward to a bit of dry and sun. I'm glad you've gotten some relief!