Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Wednesday Thoughts

I saw my ENT yesterday, my second sinus, bronchial infection in less than six weeks.  I taught my men's group today but am not going back to work until Monday.  I think along with the meds, my body might need the extra rest.

We do have a gig this Friday night, it is a good one and it's only an hour.  Other than our gig, my plans are to rest, rest, and rest.

My class today was poignant,  I had students who will be going home tomorrow.  They are part of this incredible group that has been coming to class for the past month or so.  Never have I had a group come into my room with such open minds and hearts, it has been a teacher's dream.  I will miss them all when they leave.

I am ready for my cup of hot tea and bed.  I wish you all a good night.
Tomorrow may we all know kindness.


  1. Rest is essential for healing and I'm hoping that rest and the meds will soon find you feeling much much better.

  2. I hope you feel better real soon so you can enjoy autumn.
    Get plenty of rest.
    Hugs, Julia