Sunday, October 7, 2018

Ready for New Beginnings

Sunday, today for us was a true day of rest.  Other than cooking dinner for my nephew and his family, his wife has mono and I think their five kids were getting tired of dad's cooking, I have done nothing.
My FitBit probably thinks I have died.  It's ok, I have learned the hard through the years to be very gentle with myself when infection strikes.

Jordan reminded me a few days ago I had not placed the witch hat/broom by the front door.  It is a simple decoration that I have done all his life and he loves it.  So I did get the hat/broom by the door this weekend.  I think next year I might have to at least get a new broom, not many miles left on this old model.  :)

A new moon this week, always new beginnings.  Show some love, share some joy, and may we all be kind.


  1. What a cute idea with the hat and the broom. I usually have a broom outside the door and now I need to get a hat to go with it ! Glad you got some needed rest and hope the week ahead is a good one for you !

  2. The broom looks well ridden. I like it.

  3. Super cute front porch and I love your purple door! It says: "An artist lives here!" Cooking for a family of 5 is no small feat so I think you did plenty on your day of rest!