Friday, October 12, 2018


51 degrees this felt like heaven.  The dogs ran and jumped for joy during their morning walk.  I wore a jacket, wow.  Fall found us, I hope she stays.

This evening the car is loaded with equipment, our friend Joe who is playing with us tomorrow night came by and helped us.  We are still dealing with the nasty crud.  Lots of Breathe Deep tea tomorrow and hopes that once again our voices stay strong for our show.

I hope your Friday has been good, I have worked and been busy most of the day.
Rest in the morning, play tomorrow night, a good day.

Sending joy, peace and kindness to you all.


  1. Good luck with your show and enjoy the cool found us too! Hope your "crud" goes away quickly!

  2. Glad the weather finally cooled off there for you and will keep you in my prayers for a good strong voice for today. Hope you do feel much better !

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  4. I hope you'll be in top shape for your "Gig"
    Have a good weekend and enjoy the cooler temperatures.
    Hugs, Julia