Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Too Much

The dogs bounded out of the house this morning, forget the walk, they ran.  It had rained all day yesterday and they went outside long enough to take care of business, but none of them enjoy a stroll in the rain.  Today they made up for lost time, even Taz who is much more of a rambler, strutted this morning.  I admit Rick and I walked a little faster today and when I did my run, it was wonderful to no longer feel oppressive heat.

I have packed back our summer clothes today.  His cool weather clothes are freshly washed and in his closet.  Mine are out of storage, but it will be Friday before they are in my closet.  I think going to work in the afternoons is not always a good thing.  I tend to do way too much before I leave for work everyday.

Tomorrow is my Friday.  This has been a long week, it will be good to play some music this weekend and hang with friends. 

I hope you laugh out loud tomorrow and may kindness greet you at every door.


  1. That change of closets for the season is a big job. It's not easy. I have worked at it for the better part of a month, doing just a little at a time. The cooler weather does seem to give us more energy, glad the dogs got their run. Hope your day is filled with lots of laughter and some kindness too !

  2. With the changing weather from hot to cold, I still have some summer clothes on as I dress in layers. I'm still resisting wearing winter clothes.

    Have a great day.
    Hugs, Julia